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...featuring Cor-A-Vent ventilation core. Ids designed specifically for architectural standing-seam retro-fit applications and some residential applications where maximum ventilation is required in an attractive, very low-profile unit.

Standard Size Construction
Each ten-foot unit features 180 square inches of free area with a base rating of 450 CFM's of air movement. Units in lengths of other than ten feet can be manufactured upon request. Throat size is determined by roof pitch. Unit is factory assembled and ready for installation. Vent features the Cor-A-Vent ventilation core -- a time tested, economical, self-cleaning and durable core which has been in service since 1970. All steel parts are 26 gauge.
Design Finish
Aerodynamic, low-profile design enhances the looks and performance of architectural roof systems. The unit moves toward the ridge on floating roofs. Vents are made to match roof slope to maintain low-profile appearance. Steel parts match roof type and color finish. All paint types and colors are available including Kynar. Please specify roof system, paint system and color when ordering.


     One of the most overlooked components of design and installation of architectural roofing systems, both in new construction and retro-fit applications, is ventilation. A properly engineered ventilation system using a continuous ridge vent in conjunction with an under soffit intake will provide proper fresh air movement through the roofing system, removing hot, stale air. Summer heat is released naturally, extending both the life and performance of the roof. During winter, proper ventilation can assist in the control of condensation and other moisture problems such as rust and insulation deterioration.

     Ridge ventilators manufactured by Metallic Products are in accordance with the highest design requirements and specifications.

25 plus years of experience in furnishing stationary, gravity flow, continuous ridge ventilators has proven their efficient performance and lasting quality.

     Lo-profile floating ridge vents are a low-profile, aesthetically pleasing and extremely efficient means of ventilating standing seam roofs. Each unit is manufactured in 10' lengths and can be installed as a single unit or can be butted together to form a continuous run. By lapping the furnished joint covers over the top of the butted joints in a continuous run, the vent has the apperance of a single unit.

     When ordering, please specify roof slope, roof system, paint system and color.

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